At the very beginning of 2015, a bunch of strangers in Brooklyn, each desperately needing a new music project, found each other through Craigslist – as desperate people are wont to do. The bunch soon whittled down to a core of five – Adam Garcia, Steph Leary, André Pilette, Mari Stoner, and Dan Wilson – and what they found in each other was not only a great musical connection, but some really special friendships.

They decided to coin themselves IMUNURI after the name came to André in a dream – like most good decisions do – and they hit the ground running. They wrote a heap of songs and played tons of shows in and outside of New York City, including seasonal shows at the beloved Rockwood Music Hall, Bar Chord (their favorite local neighborhood spot in Brooklyn), and music festivals in random parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. In March of 2016, they released their debut EP, Euphoric State.

Then, in the fall of 2016, Steph moved to Bloomington, Indiana so that she could corrupt the youth at Indiana University, while the rest of the band held down the fort in Brooklyn. Refusing to let space defeat them, they continued to write and record music. In February of 2018, the band released their first full-length album, Elephant Shaped Trees.

Now with every season, the band members reconvene in New York City to play shows…